Started by South Florida Attorney Jeffrey Lynne, whom the Palm Beach Post has called “an expert on drug treatment laws who often speaks out about unethical industry practices,” the Recovery Business Council (RBC) will be the gathering place and the clearinghouse for making South Florida the most exceptional Recovery Community in the nation.

While we advocate against rampant discrimination by local governments against treatment and housing providers, we have also come to appreciate that the mostly young adults who come to Florida for treatment have started their recovery journey by figuring out they can barter their value, measured in increments of insurance benefits, for cigarettes, gym memberships, and free rent, as well as a host of other various luxuries, so long as they tender their insurance card to the high bidder.

This is also an area were parents of adult children need to be more engaged. Parents are equally in a vulnerable position. There is an existential crisis occurring which they believe someone is taking care of.

At the same time, the fact that the current regulations and law governing patient placement and acquisition does not “work” for the drug treatment industry may be an economic reality as well as problem that creates tension, but that is not a “green light” to attempt to circumvent the intent of the law.

To be fair, all other licensed entities have the opportunity to seek and obtain written business behavior guidance from their respective regulating entities. Treatment providers and housing providers do not have such clear guiding light.


Aside from educating state and local elected officials on being able to identify and support good operators and providers, the Recovery Business Council will also be advocating for common sense legislation to ensure that patient care remains at the forefront of the industry without undermining the industry’s ability to make a reasonable profit.